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Classic Moment Step By Step by Trudi Harrison

Classic Moment Step By Step by Trudi Harrison

Classic Moment by Trudi Harrison


  • Kaiser On The Move Collection – P777 Diesel, P772 Accelerate, P773 Propel, CT704 Collectables, PP859 Paper Pad, SS122 Sticker Sheet
  • BG Chipboard Alphabet letters – Origins
  • Prima Typography Alphabet Stickers – Printery

Step One – Cut a 7 ¾” inch square from the ‘Accelerate’ patterned paper – red side up.

Step Two – Cut a 7 ½” inch square from the ‘Propel’ patterned paper – numbered circle side up.

Step Three – Attach the Propel square over the Accelerate square.

Step Four – Now attach a patterned paper from the paper pad over the top – I used the checker patterned paper

Step Five – Attach square of patterned papers to the ‘Diesel’ background paper – dark grey side up.

Step Six – Cut one of the thin border strips from a 12” x 12” paper  and attach vertically on the left hand side

Step Seven – Cut a strip of light blue patterned paper approx 3” wide – I used paper from the paper pad and joined together as the photo will cover this.  Attach over the top.

Step Eight – Position photo. Slip a Collectables Tag under the photo at the top,  the larger Collectables cog under the top right hand photo corner and a smaller cog under the photo on the left hand side.  Attach everthing when you are happy.

Step Nine – Attach a Collectable card over the bottom right hand corner of the photo.

Step 10 – Attach 1 , 2, 3 collectable banner elements underneath. 

Step Eleven – Attach red banner sticker over the top of the banner elements – this will sit just underneath the car.

Step Twelve – Slip another Cog collectable element under the back wheel of the car.

Step Thirteen – Add title, any further personal touches and you are done








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