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Lil’ Primrose Step by Step by Trudi Harrison

Lil’ Primrose Step by Step by Trudi Harrison

Step by Step – ‘Fairytale’ by Trudi Harrison


  • Kaiser Lil’ Primrose – P787 Fancy Dress, P788 Frock, P784 High Tea
  • Kaiser Lil’ Primrose SS125 12 x 12 Sticker Sheet – Diva
  • Kaiser Lil’Primrose CT706 Collectables
  • Kaiser Lil’ Primrose PP861 Paper Pad
  • Kaiser Paper Blooms – Sage, Fairy Floss and Buttercream
  • Kaiser Mini Paper Blooms – Dusty Pink
  • MHC Flowers Ballroom – Waltz
  • Stickles – Diamond
  • 3 x Buttons, crystal,
  • Deep Edge Border Punch

STEP 1 – Punch a 12” strip from the ‘Frock’ patterned paper and trim with a thin edge.  Attach to the ‘Fancy Dress’ background patterned paper.  I have used the reverse side.

Remove a thin border strip from one of the patterned papers and attach over the top.

STEP 2 – From the paper pad select 2 papers.  Attach so that they slightly overlap each other.

STEP 3 – Cut a 6” circle element from another of the paper pad papers.  Attach over the top so that it overlaps the previously attached papers.

STEP 4 – Cut out a large floral bloom from the ‘High Tea’ patterned paper.

Attach so that the blooms flow vertically over the top of the previously attached papers – I positioned to follow the decorative punched strip.

Attach photo over the top – My photo is landscape orientation;  approx 4.5” x 3”

STEP 5 – Attach a large floral arrangement from the Collectables pack to cover the bottom right hand corner of the darker patterned paper.

Over the top position and attach the carriage and horse from the Collectables pack – attach with foam tape for a touch of dimension.

For a touch of sparkle add some glitter glue to the horse’s mane and blooms on the carriage.

Attach a sentiment die cut from the Paper Pad to the middle of the carriage – **the die cuts are found at the back of the paper pad**

I added a hanging crystal to the bottom of the sentiment die cut – you may also like to do the same

Cut another floral bloom from the ‘High Tea’ Patterned Paper and attach along the bottom of the horse and carriage.

From the ‘Diva’ Sticker Sheet – Position and attach with foam tape, the white flower under the bottom of the photo towards the left hand side.

Underneath the white flower, position and attach a smaller yellow bloom from the Collectables pack.

Slip a green flower from the Collectables pack under the top of the photo

STEP 6 – Attach flowers – The larger MHC Ballroom Waltz flower under the horse with a Buttercream Paper Bloom

Attach a larger Fairy Floss Paper Boom towards the upper left hand side of your photo.  Above this add another cluster of Paper Blooms – this time a Sage and Buttercream.

Randomly place and attach Mini Paper Blooms.

Add coordinating rosettes created from patterned papers – you may like to use buttons for the centres.

Add title and journaling and you are done!


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